RockZilla is an electronics device manufacturer based in the US. We offer high-end electronic products such as the widely popular Bluetooth Speaker and Bluetooth headphones.

RockZilla brand prides itself on having the highest quality possible for its electronic devices. It also sees customer satisfaction as an important element in the overall success of its business. It will do its best to ensure that its customers are happy and their feedback is incorporated in future designs.

RockZilla provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee on products purchased through Foxx Worldwide, RockZilla’s parent company, on and a full 1-Year limited warranty on its electronic devices, when registered through our website, here, within 30 days of purchase. This 1-year warranty offered by RockZilla on its devices is a promise from RockZilla that we offer our best to you, our customer. We warrant that our devices be free of defects and are quality products.

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